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AM FM 247 Network New Terrestrial Radio Station

AMFM 247 Network Pittsburgh

PRLogMay 10, 2015PITTSBURGHAMFM247 is excited to announce their new terrestrial station in Pittsburgh, PA.  With this addition to AMFM 247 terrestrial radio stations it would allow listeners in the Pittsburgh area to tune in on dial number is 107.3 to listen to AM FM 247 Radio broadcast.

Listeners are always able to listen on the internet at, TuneIn, and other great streaming sites along with AM FM 247 family of terrestrial stations in Lancaster, PA – Tampa, FL – Macon, GA – Milwaukee, WI – Boulder, CO – and Las Vegas, NV.

AM FM 247 is committed to top quality sound, passionate hosts, advanced technology, and intelligent site design.

Unlike any other Internet Talk Radio, offers hosts the powerful potential of BOTH Internet Radio Syndication AND over-the-air Radio Syndication. AM FM 247 specializes in radio syndication.

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