ravetrain tvLONG BEACH, Calif.June 26, 2016PRLog — The dance TV webseries phenomenon, RaveTrain TV, releases the second season on July 4th with the best up and coming dancers of every genera and DJ’s. Hosts Jonathan Blaze and Mix 247 EDM host Julianna Kovacs combine interviews and humor to bring the series even more to life. You can catch each episode on mix247edm.com and subscribe to the RaveTrain TV YouTube channel.

The creators of RaveTrain TV, Jonathan Blaze and Mitchel Dumlao have set a date for filming of season three and wants everyone to join the chaos and fun that makes up RaveTrain TV. If you are a dancer of any kind including hulla hoop, gloving, breakdance, popping etc you are welcome to apply http://ravetrain.tv/#contactus.

DJ’s of any EDM genera are also welcome to apply at the above link. RaveTrain and Mix 247 EDM want to make season 3 even bigger and better with as much talent as we can fit into one season.

Details about filming below:
Talent is expected to be there on Sunday Sept 11th, 11am – 6pm.
The shoot lasts around 2 hour (for the DJ set), which includes, showing up, quick rehearsal, etc.
The DJ set should be 10 -15 min max and ideally is all original music
Location is in Long Beach on the boarder of LA, 15 mins from LAX
DJs get an ancillary interview piece as well as the show piece

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