TAMPA, Fla.Aug. 31, 2016PRLog — AMFM247 Broadcasting Network, Inc. has grown by leaps and bounds since we first opened our doors several years ago. Our Family of Companies includes our Radio Stations, a Movie Syndication Company, a Public Relations Firm, and Television Syndication. Our newest addition is the Streaming Service we provide for Radio Stations worldwide. We own our servers in a secure facility that provides the highest quality streaming service with near 100% uptime.

You can read more about our Family of Companies at:
We have also made you, our loyal Associates part owners of the Broadcasting Network. Last week we sent each of you a stock certificate for 100 Shares of the AMFM247 Broadcasting Network, Inc. You should have received your stock certificate by now, but if you haven’t please let us know. Every August we will issue you 100 more Shares per our Loyalty Program.

Our market makers feel the initial value of the stock is $2.00 a share. We have a limited number of shares available in the first tranche at that cost.
Our Initial Public Offering (IPO) is anticipated for late 2018 or early 2019. We expect it to open at about $10.00 a share. If anyone should have any questions about investing in AMFM247 Broadcasting Network, Inc.

You can contact Fred Claridge by email at: investorrelations@amfmbroadcastingnetwork.