12587249-minority-broadcast-networkTAMPA, Fla.Sept. 15, 2016PRLog — AMFM247 Broadcasting announced to the public and their stock holders that they’ve established a 501c3, publicly supported nonprofit organization, which assists minorities in America to obtain their own internet radio station to get their message out. It’s called Minority Broadcast Network, Inc.
As smart phones and tablets revolutionize the way we gather information, internet radio is becoming a vital source for news, music and entertainment. Right now 80% of radio in America is owned by conglomerates that dictate what is said and heard on these AM/FM stations.

The market for internet radio is massive because it allows independent broadcasters the ability to speak what they want, to get their message heard loud and clear in a forum that has very little influence from the Government or the corporate conglomerates. The problem is many minorities, for any variety of reasons, may find it difficult or near impossible to start their own station without some kind of financial assistance or guidance. That’s where Minority Broadcasting Network, Inc. comes in.

Minority Broadcasting Network funds stations for minorities 100 percent. This relieves the financial burden of owning and operating an internet radio station. The individual can then use the platform to broadcast their message, music or whatever they wish as they wish – giving them a influential and powerful media outlet to get their message heard. Churches and other non profits can benefit from Minority Broadcasting Network, Inc as a way to reach their constituents while promoting their own causes.

Jumping in on the new radio craze now will give those individuals an advanced edge, as we are seeing the popularity of terrestrial radio decline year after year.
To obtain funds to maintain and host these stations, Minority Broadcasting Network, Inc. looks to communities, individuals and corporations who want to give these individuals a voice to donate to the non-profit. All donations are 100 percent tax deductible. You can donate a few ways including through their website minoritybroadcasting.org or through their GoFundMe campaign.

For more information or to donate visit their website http://minoritybroadcasting.org/