Iconici Media Announces Partnership with LiveList for Livestreaming of Events

livelistVENICE, Calif.Sept. 25, 2016PRLog — Iconici Media is proud to announce our partnership with LiveList for both Mix 247 EDM and HOT109FM websites.

Fans of music everywhere can now go onto both websites and find a two week schedule of programming from concerts to festivals to clubs, they are all covered and able to be viewed from your phone or pc.

LiveList makes it easy to find out when your favorite artists are playing a show online and where you can go to watch it.

LiveList is the #1 source for discovering and watching live streamed concerts around the world.  Building the world’s most comprehensive network of connected live music experiences, LiveList is committed to helping artists drive more awareness to their live streamed performances, and is helping content producers such as festivals and venues build their online live audiences.  Fans can follow their favorite bands, festivals, or taste-maker channels so that they never miss a live show again.  Watch more live concerts anytime, from anywhere.

To watch and discover more live streaming concerts and festivals, register for LiveList (http://www.livelist.com/promo/watchlivelist)
Download LiveList for iOS (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/livelist-find-watch-live-)
Download LiveList for Android

Don’t miss a show – Get notified when your favorite artists are playing a show online.
Watch from anywhere – Tap into live shows online around the world.
Search the ultimate guide – Find all of the live music performances online in one place.
Curate your list – collect shows and artists for your LiveList based on your preferences.
Discover new bands – add shows to your LiveList from artists related to your tastes.

Rest-O-Bics: The Body Transforming Non Exercise

RIVERSIDE, Calif.Sept. 15, 2016PRLog — After seeing a alarming trend in over exertion at gyms by people who embrace the new “gym life” trend rocking America; Dr. Robert Blackman of The New Gym creates a routine designed to relax the body from over exertion called “Rest-O-Bics”.

Nobody will ever deny that it’s a great thing to stay fit and healthy by taking care of our bodies through exercise and diet. The problem is, just like anything, the gym life can turn into an addiction that can actually harm our bodies rather than help them.

It’s caused through the release of endorphins which makes us feel powerful, accomplished, and have rush of feeling good through a workout; all of which is natural. When our bodies start to crave this feeling we become more desperate to satisfy this craving; that is when we start to spend extra time at the gym, pushing ourselves to the limits and eating protein shakes and other chemically created products to put on muscle mass. Sometimes we even start using PEDs and steroids in conjunction with the drinks. The end result is a body that aches, muscles that are rock hard all the time, and even internal damage we may not see like stress to the heart and other vital organs. This can cause serious health issues if not addressed properly.

According to the book “Heart Disease: An Essential Guide for the Newly Diagnosed.” Stress has been called “the silent killer” and can lead to heart disease, high blood pressure, chest pain, and an irregular heartbeat.
Dr. Robert Blackman created Rest-O-Bics to counter the damage done from over exertion and stress to our bodies. You don’t have to be a gym rat to experience the negative effects of over exertion or stress so the routine works for anyone.
Rest-O-Bics is the dynamic, fluidity of play; bringing isotonic and isometric exercises together, redefining ergonomics. REST-O-BICS, transforms and transports body, mind and spirit, into NOW! The present is life’s stage, where you can ameliorate the pain, rekindle the flame and become profoundly passionate! This technique is exclusive to Blackmans “The New Gym”.

For more information visit :http://newgymchiro-com.webnode.com/

AMFM247 Broadcasting to Aid Minorities in Obtaining Their Own Radio Station

12587249-minority-broadcast-networkTAMPA, Fla.Sept. 15, 2016PRLog — AMFM247 Broadcasting announced to the public and their stock holders that they’ve established a 501c3, publicly supported nonprofit organization, which assists minorities in America to obtain their own internet radio station to get their message out. It’s called Minority Broadcast Network, Inc.
As smart phones and tablets revolutionize the way we gather information, internet radio is becoming a vital source for news, music and entertainment. Right now 80% of radio in America is owned by conglomerates that dictate what is said and heard on these AM/FM stations.

The market for internet radio is massive because it allows independent broadcasters the ability to speak what they want, to get their message heard loud and clear in a forum that has very little influence from the Government or the corporate conglomerates. The problem is many minorities, for any variety of reasons, may find it difficult or near impossible to start their own station without some kind of financial assistance or guidance. That’s where Minority Broadcasting Network, Inc. comes in.

Minority Broadcasting Network funds stations for minorities 100 percent. This relieves the financial burden of owning and operating an internet radio station. The individual can then use the platform to broadcast their message, music or whatever they wish as they wish – giving them a influential and powerful media outlet to get their message heard. Churches and other non profits can benefit from Minority Broadcasting Network, Inc as a way to reach their constituents while promoting their own causes.

Jumping in on the new radio craze now will give those individuals an advanced edge, as we are seeing the popularity of terrestrial radio decline year after year.
To obtain funds to maintain and host these stations, Minority Broadcasting Network, Inc. looks to communities, individuals and corporations who want to give these individuals a voice to donate to the non-profit. All donations are 100 percent tax deductible. You can donate a few ways including through their website minoritybroadcasting.org or through their GoFundMe campaign.

For more information or to donate visit their website http://minoritybroadcasting.org/

AMFM247 Broadcasting Network Inc. Family of Companies


TAMPA, Fla.Aug. 31, 2016PRLog — AMFM247 Broadcasting Network, Inc. has grown by leaps and bounds since we first opened our doors several years ago. Our Family of Companies includes our Radio Stations, a Movie Syndication Company, a Public Relations Firm, and Television Syndication. Our newest addition is the Streaming Service we provide for Radio Stations worldwide. We own our servers in a secure facility that provides the highest quality streaming service with near 100% uptime.

You can read more about our Family of Companies at:
We have also made you, our loyal Associates part owners of the Broadcasting Network. Last week we sent each of you a stock certificate for 100 Shares of the AMFM247 Broadcasting Network, Inc. You should have received your stock certificate by now, but if you haven’t please let us know. Every August we will issue you 100 more Shares per our Loyalty Program.

Our market makers feel the initial value of the stock is $2.00 a share. We have a limited number of shares available in the first tranche at that cost.
Our Initial Public Offering (IPO) is anticipated for late 2018 or early 2019. We expect it to open at about $10.00 a share. If anyone should have any questions about investing in AMFM247 Broadcasting Network, Inc.

You can contact Fred Claridge by email at: investorrelations@amfmbroadcastingnetwork.

AMFM247 Broadcasting Network, Inc. Thanks Customers By Giving Them a Piece Of The Company


TAMPA, Fla.Aug. 26, 2016PRLog — The AMFM247 Broadcasting Company is offering new and existing customer’s one hundred (100) full shares of their common stock. This Loyalty Ownership Program is the first and most generous of its kind.

“We’re going to thank you like you’ve never been thanked before” says Stuart Vener, the company’s President.

As a bonus, after one year of using their Radio Streaming service and/or hosting a show on the AMFM247 Radio Station(s), commencing in August of 2016 and on every subsequent annual anniversary, the Customer will receive 100 Shares of Common Stock.

Customers can earn 100 more shares by referring new customers to the AMFM 247 Broadcasting Network and/or the AMFM247 Radio Station(s).

The AMFM Broadcasting Network operates an internet radio streaming service for radio stations worldwide. They own servers in a facility in Dallas, Texas. The facility meets the United States Government FedRAMP requirements for safety and security.

The Company also operates 2 internet radio stations, simulcasting on 8 – AM and FM transmitters and a boutique public relations firm, Your Publicity Company.

Vener states that the future goals for the corporation include adding additional terrestrial transmitters in more cities in the United States and bringing the company public in 2018 with a new Initial Public Offering (IPO).

For more information about AMFM Broadcasting Network visit http://amfmbroadcastingnetwork.com

Interviews are available by contacting Nicole Chidester, at Your Publicity Company (888) 368-9081 E Mail  info@yourpublicitycompany.com or visit http://yourpublicitycompany.com

Live365 New Returns

Live 365 Returns

TAMPA, Fla.Aug. 14, 2016PRLog — Live365 one of the largest internet radio service providers in the world closed its doors. Now it’s returned under new ownership better than ever to provide international streaming radio services to inspired radio content providers.

When Live365 announced to the world it was bankrupt and searching for new investors in the defunct company, thousands of internet radio stations held onto hope that the company would secure the financial income needed to continue service. However new investors would not surface so on January 30, 2016, Live365 ceased streaming services to those providers.

This left thousands of radio shows and streaming companies searching for a new home for their show or where they can stream their station. The options available were less than adequate. Streams consistently went down, higher prices made hosts and stations raise prices, and the quality of the sound decreased.

After six months, new ownership has resurrected the defunct company. The company CEO announced last week that Live365New.com is back and better than ever.

Now those who want to create their own internet radio station or those looking to relocate their current station now have a service capable of handling the high demand while creating a quality environment for both the station and their listeners.

Live365New.com offers dedicated servers, 99.9% uptime, and broadcasting up to 128kbps streams for a high quality sound. It’s also half the price of other services making it affordable for any budget.

The new company looks to take internet streaming radio in the future with innovative options and quality that broadcasters are looking for.

We want to provide the solutions to the issues other services tend to encounter making online radio station owners frustrated over. When a stream provider goes down it not only adversely effects the service provider but the stations it hosts as well. By offering dedicated servers that don’t share resources the strain is minimal reducing outages and poor quality streams” – Live365 Technical Manager

As internet radio becomes more relevant in society with the use of streaming radio on cell phones and tablets, Live365New.com looks forward to embracing the trend and shaping it into a promising future.

Credit: Your Publicity Company

RaveTrain TV Season 3 Filiming Announcement


ravetrain tvLONG BEACH, Calif.June 26, 2016PRLog — The dance TV webseries phenomenon, RaveTrain TV, releases the second season on July 4th with the best up and coming dancers of every genera and DJ’s. Hosts Jonathan Blaze and Mix 247 EDM host Julianna Kovacs combine interviews and humor to bring the series even more to life. You can catch each episode on mix247edm.com and subscribe to the RaveTrain TV YouTube channel.

The creators of RaveTrain TV, Jonathan Blaze and Mitchel Dumlao have set a date for filming of season three and wants everyone to join the chaos and fun that makes up RaveTrain TV. If you are a dancer of any kind including hulla hoop, gloving, breakdance, popping etc you are welcome to apply http://ravetrain.tv/#contactus.

DJ’s of any EDM genera are also welcome to apply at the above link. RaveTrain and Mix 247 EDM want to make season 3 even bigger and better with as much talent as we can fit into one season.

Details about filming below:
Talent is expected to be there on Sunday Sept 11th, 11am – 6pm.
The shoot lasts around 2 hour (for the DJ set), which includes, showing up, quick rehearsal, etc.
The DJ set should be 10 -15 min max and ideally is all original music
Location is in Long Beach on the boarder of LA, 15 mins from LAX
DJs get an ancillary interview piece as well as the show piece

Follow RaveTrain TV
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ravetraintv/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ravetraintv?lang=en
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ravetraintv/
Website: http://ravetrain.tv/

Follow Mix 247 EDM
Twitter: twitter.com/Mix_247EDM
Facebook: facebook.com/Mix 247 EDM News
Website: mix247edm.com
Instagram: instagram.com/mix247edm/

Mix 247 EDM Announces Collaboration With Rave Train TV

ravetrainLOS ANGELESMarch 5, 2016PRLogMix 247 EDM announced today the collaboration between the online EDM radio station and Rave Train TV.

Rave Train TV is a webseries, now beginning its second season, which features the world’s best EDM Dj’s along with dancers from all disciplines. Hosts Julianna Kovacs (who also hosts the Mix 247 EDM Top 20 Countdown) and Johnny Blaze interview today’s up and coming artists, while they play a live set with original beats while dancers move along the music to bring visual entertainment to music.

“We are very excited to bring our online, mobile app and AM/FM radio listeners more to the electronic music scene by providing video content onto our site. Rave Train is exactly what EDM is all about showcasing diversity, energy, support for talent and creativity we as a brand enjoy” said Mix 247 EDM co-owner Syndee

“The EDM scene is getting bigger by the day, becoming a worldwide phenomenon with music festivals popping up every weekend,” said Danny “Johnny Blaze” Ho, Host and Producer of Rave Train. “People love to dance to EDM, so why not combine the two and create a series that is not only fun to listen to but exciting watch!”

Rave Train not only brings the best up and coming talent to the series, but also release original independent music on Youtube.  Artists get a platform to release their tracks while getting to spread their music through the vast Youtube network, “ said Mitchel Dumlao, Producer and Director of Rave Train.

On top of new music, Rave Train also features up and coming dancers from all backgrounds to dance alongside artists who play their music live. Breakdancers and Poppers perform with Glovers and Shufflers, giving more variety to videos and exposing audiences to different types of styles and talent.

For more information on Rave Train TV or to become a featured artist or dancer contact Danny Ho at hello@ravetrain.tv. Look for featured episodes on Mix 247 EDM as filming begins next week.

Mix 247 EDM Adds DJ Radio Shows To Station Schedule

mix-247-edm-radio-scheduleLOS ANGELESFeb. 21, 2016PRLogMix 247 EDM is your home for House, Dance and Electro with a dash of Trance. Below you will find the schedule of shows you can hear on our website and phone app throughout the week. If you wish to have your show considered for air play on our station send us an email.

Robbie Rivera’s The Juicy Show starts the weeknights out with remixes and original tracks that will leave you looking forward to more. Born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Robbie Rivera is known for producing “tuff, sexy tribal house music”. In 1998, motivated by complete artistic control, Robbie Rivera and his wife Monica Olabarrieta launched their own record label, Juicy Music. Artists who have collaborated with Robbie Rivera on remixes or compositions over the years include: Kylie Minogue, Madonna, Santana, Faithless, Basement Jaxx, Deadmau5, Tiesto, Kaskade, Pink, Ferry Corsten and David Guetta. DJ Magazine has named Rivera one of its ‘Top 100’ most influential DJs as chosen by its readers. Mr. Rivera produces the weekly radio Show called “The Juicy Show” which airs 10pm ET/7pm PT.

Mix 247 EDM has a passion to support and encourage female DJ’s and vocalists interviewing many on our All Access Show and written features on our website. Tuesday evenings you can catch the very talented Sister Bliss In Session at 10pm ET/7pm PT. As one of the few leading female house DJs in Britain she continues to headline some of the world’s leading clubs and festivals including residences at household names, Ministry of Sound, London and Space, Ibiza. A gifted musician and composer she has also written music for film, TV and theater. Driven and inspired by her love for discovering new music through her radio show and DJ sets, 2013 saw Sister Bliss launch her own label: Junkdog Records.  An outlet for signing new music she believes in, Junkdog already has a busy schedule of new artists and exclusive originals from the lady herself.

Wednesday evenings at 10pm ET/7pm PT you will find MING Presents Warmth. MING is equal parts producer, songwriter, remixer, DJ, multi-instrumentalist, and studio savant. Additionally, he helms his own label imprint Hood Famous Music.  His syndicated podcast found a home on the Main Stage channel of di.fm, and his mixes now appear on Music Choice, America’s #1 music and video on demand provider.

The Edge Radio Show with Clint Maximus and Antonio Giacca is in charge of starting your weekend early. You can catch the duo Thursdays 10pm E/7pm PT on Mix 247 EDM. Playing the hottest in House music & Nu Disco with weekly guest mixes and interviews from the hottest superstar DJs and producers.

We ramp it up for your weekend fun keeping the energy going the entire time. Friday at 10pm ET/7pm PT you don’t want to miss Futuristic Polar Bears Global Show. Listen for the ROAR cause you know the roof has been blown off and that means nothing the high energy and FIRE!! With a combined skill set of accomplished DJs, producers and musicians, Luke, Rhys and Fran have become global favorites, having destroyed dance-floors in far flung destinations such as North America, India, Thailand, Singapore, South Korea, China, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Holland, Italy, Kazakhstan and Ibiza with their indisputable energy and dynamic DJ sets. It’s these sets that have earned them shows at the biggest and best venues, including four of the top 10 clubs in the world.

The very beautiful and talented JES lights up Sunday nights at 10pm ET/7pm PT with “Unleash The Beat”. Since being signed by Tiesto to his (then) own label “Black Hole Recordings / Magik Muzik” in 2007 JES’ career has developed at a dizzying pace. Tour performances across the globe with every major club brand combined with collaborative and solo chart and dance floor success have enabled JES to stay one step ahead in a genre that can sometimes seem overcrowded. It is said that if you want to know the future then look to the stars. In this case it would seem, never was a truer word spoken.

You don’t want to miss the monthly shows either with Kryder’s “Kryteria Radio” and Alex Preston’s “Pressed on Air”. Watch our social pages for those announcement. We are continuing to add shows to the line up of our already 24/7 EDM station as we want YOUR choice the ONLY CHOICE for electronic, house, dance, trance and techno making it place to be at all times of the day and night.


AME TV Set To Release New Segment

Iconici Media

Jan. 4, 2016PRLog — In 2016 the AME TV show will be releasing a new informative segment called “Historical People and Places”.

The goal of the segment is to entertain people while educating them along the way.  We accomplish this by going to the places that were historical or graves of historic people and show the viewers what these places look like.

We hope that after viewers see our segment it will inspire them to go and look for themselves.  Each visit we will inform our viewers where these places are, if there is any cost to visit and everything they will need to know in order to plan accordingly.

The first segment will feature the grave of “The Boss” George Steinbrenner, owner of the New York Yankees.

The AME Experience is an eclectic blend of media outlets that are focused on bringing art awareness and appreciation to the world.  We feature great established celebrities and artists to the rising stars of tomorrow. The AME TV show features great guests talking about their current projects and past successes.