Iconici Tv

Iconici Tv is a online international syndicated MMA media outlet. Iconici MMA is considered a media leader for coverage of the global Mixed Martial Arts industry. Our goal is to provide a worldwide perspective on the sport of mixed martial arts.

Our knowledgeable female hosts Syndee and Laura Kelly make our brand different from any other by bringing in a different perspective into the sport of MMA. They ask the questions other male hosts may not feel comfortable asking and show a different side to the male and female MMA fighter. Make sure to check out the latest MMA Interviews , MMA Move Of The Week,and the latest mma news. We strive to bring you mma news weekly from all the top and local mma promotions around the world.

Iconici Tv is apart of the Iconici Media brand. Iconici Media specializes in developing new brands, re branding companies and expanding established brands into new markets.