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Iconici Media Announces Partnership with LiveList for Livestreaming of Events

livelistVENICE, Calif.Sept. 25, 2016PRLog — Iconici Media is proud to announce our partnership with LiveList for both Mix 247 EDM and HOT109FM websites.

Fans of music everywhere can now go onto both websites and find a two week schedule of programming from concerts to festivals to clubs, they are all covered and able to be viewed from your phone or pc.

LiveList makes it easy to find out when your favorite artists are playing a show online and where you can go to watch it.

LiveList is the #1 source for discovering and watching live streamed concerts around the world.  Building the world’s most comprehensive network of connected live music experiences, LiveList is committed to helping artists drive more awareness to their live streamed performances, and is helping content producers such as festivals and venues build their online live audiences.  Fans can follow their favorite bands, festivals, or taste-maker channels so that they never miss a live show again.  Watch more live concerts anytime, from anywhere.

To watch and discover more live streaming concerts and festivals, register for LiveList (
Download LiveList for iOS (
Download LiveList for Android

Don’t miss a show – Get notified when your favorite artists are playing a show online.
Watch from anywhere – Tap into live shows online around the world.
Search the ultimate guide – Find all of the live music performances online in one place.
Curate your list – collect shows and artists for your LiveList based on your preferences.
Discover new bands – add shows to your LiveList from artists related to your tastes.

Live365 New Returns

Live 365 Returns

TAMPA, Fla.Aug. 14, 2016PRLog — Live365 one of the largest internet radio service providers in the world closed its doors. Now it’s returned under new ownership better than ever to provide international streaming radio services to inspired radio content providers.

When Live365 announced to the world it was bankrupt and searching for new investors in the defunct company, thousands of internet radio stations held onto hope that the company would secure the financial income needed to continue service. However new investors would not surface so on January 30, 2016, Live365 ceased streaming services to those providers.

This left thousands of radio shows and streaming companies searching for a new home for their show or where they can stream their station. The options available were less than adequate. Streams consistently went down, higher prices made hosts and stations raise prices, and the quality of the sound decreased.

After six months, new ownership has resurrected the defunct company. The company CEO announced last week that is back and better than ever.

Now those who want to create their own internet radio station or those looking to relocate their current station now have a service capable of handling the high demand while creating a quality environment for both the station and their listeners. offers dedicated servers, 99.9% uptime, and broadcasting up to 128kbps streams for a high quality sound. It’s also half the price of other services making it affordable for any budget.

The new company looks to take internet streaming radio in the future with innovative options and quality that broadcasters are looking for.

We want to provide the solutions to the issues other services tend to encounter making online radio station owners frustrated over. When a stream provider goes down it not only adversely effects the service provider but the stations it hosts as well. By offering dedicated servers that don’t share resources the strain is minimal reducing outages and poor quality streams” – Live365 Technical Manager

As internet radio becomes more relevant in society with the use of streaming radio on cell phones and tablets, looks forward to embracing the trend and shaping it into a promising future.

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